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Middle East Printing Press, as a commercial printing press we prvovide a full spectrum of services with state of the art technology under one roof.

  • Type Setting
  • Designing
  • Image setting
  • Scanning
  • Film / Plate Processing
  • Sheet feed colour printing
    (Speed Master 102 -5 Colours/ G.T.O.-Z 2 Colours / G.T.O)
  • Gold Foiling
  • Blind Embossing
  • Thermal Lamination (Gloss / Matt)
  • Wiro / Spiral Binding
  • Saddle Stitching with 3 knife trimmer on line
  • Collating / Perforation / Folding / Stitching / Punching and Binding

We Print Brochures, Magazines, Booklets, Flyers, Leafkets, Folders, Letter Heads, Invoices, Business Cards, Invitation Cards, Greeting Cards, Memo Pads, Posters, Office and School Stationery, Calanders etc. All these services are carried out in-house by our team of highly trained employees.


  • Mac Work Station (MAC G5)
    Prepration of Art Work on highly sophisticated Systems like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Page Maker, Corel Draw.

  • SCREEN CEZANNE ELITE Flat Bed Scanner to Scan the images and text from the Orignals with high resolutions
    Image Setter Online - Hercules Pro RIP DELTA TOWER Lino Type - Hell

  • Film Processor To Prepare and Develop the Positive Films with Exact depth required as per requirement.

  • Plate Prepration Machine to prepare all kinds of plates from G.T.O. to SM 102 in different sizes.

  • Theimer Plate Processor to develop the plates equally throughout.

  • Vertical Camera DANAGRAPH DG 905 (40 x 50 cm) to copy the photographs, images, text directly from the orignal to the required size.

  • Contact Printer (Theimo Quick) to make the contacts film from negative to positive conversion.

  • HP Laser Jet A3 Printer


  • Heidelberg Speed Master 102 - 5p
    Latest DRUPA 2004 Model, can print 5 colour one side or 4 colours + OPV
    Size 72 x 102 cm.

  • Heidelberg G.T.O - Z (2 Colours)
    35 x 50 cm, can print 2 colours at a time or 1 colour + varnish.

  • Heidelberg G.T.O (1 Colour)
    35 x 50 cm, single colour unit with numbering.


  • Purlux - 70 x 100 cm.
    Gold Foiling, Die Cutting, Creasing, Blind Embossing.

  • Lamtex Emerald 76 Thermal Lamination.
    70 x 100 cm, automatic with (sheeter / cutter)(gloss or matt finish).


  • Spiral Binding (James Burm International) Auto Magave Spiral Binding
    For all kinds of spiral bindings especially Calendars.

  • Shoe Star SPK 74 Folding Machine 70 x 100 cms
    To fold the printed sheets from 70 x 100 cms to required size like A2, A3 and A4 etc.

    Saddle stiching Machine 6 + 2 + Cover Folder Feeder
    Plus 3 Pin +3 Knife trimmer online
    Its Online Gathering Stitching and 3 Sides Trimming Fast Production for Saddle Stitching jobs.

  • UCHIDA Collator Stations
    Especially for NCR Paper to gatther like 1+1, 1+2, 1+3 up to 10 Ply

  • Wohlenberg - 115
    Paper Cutting Machine (Computerize)


    Shrink Wrapping Machine.
    To Pack the finish goods and protect it.

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